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Meeting Date: 08/12/2021  
Subject:    Consider Authorizing a Professional Services Agreement for the IH-10 Lift Station No. 1 Improvements Project
Prepared for: Andrea Brinkley Prepared by: Juan Macias, Public Works/Engineering/BAWA
Department: Public Works/Engineering/BAWA  

Consider an ordinance authorizing a Professional Services Agreement with Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc., for the IH-10 Lift Station No. 1 Improvements Project.
This proposed ordinance authorizes a Professional Services Agreement with Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc., for the IH-10 Lift Station No. 1 Improvements Project (the “Project”), in an amount not to exceed $2,350,500.00.

The City selected Kimley Horn & Associates (KHA) in the fall of 2019 to design the rehabilitation and expansion of the IH-10 Lift Station and force main from the site to the West District Wastewater Treatment Plant.  On July 20, 2020 Council authorized a professional services contract with KHA in the amount of $91,000 to do preliminary engineering related to IH-10 Lift Station and force main. As part of that work effort, a lift station basin study was performed to document the service area limits, establish current flows and develop a five (5) year planning timeline of growth for undeveloped areas, project future flows, and identify the lift station improvements and potential future capital improvement projects to better serve the area.

The improvements to IH-10 Lift Station No. 1, will provide service to the northwest Baytown area, including the MUD 213A Development.  Over 2,000 homes are anticipated to be constructed in the IH-10 Lift Station service area which will increase the contributing flows to the IH-10 Lift Station No.1. Portions of the service area anticipated to be developed in a similar manner to Springfield Estates and East Point which will significantly increase the sanitary sewer flows. This project will ensure that the new IH-10 Lift Station No. 1 can provide service to the existing and anticipated future developments.

At the completion of the study, the recommendation was developed and accepted to increase the capacity of the lift station and upsize the force main.  The design engineering to increase pumping capacity and additional wet well capacity are a part of the project scope, as well as the design for the upsizing of the force main to a 24-inch diameter force main, which will cross the IH-10 corridor.  A limited geotechnical investigation was conducted during the study phase, which have indicated a need for special construction considerations.   Also a part of the scope of work are additional geotechnical investigations, as well as sub-surface utility investigation, agency coordination, utility coordination and right of way acquisition services.  The route for the force main will require additional easements, and coordination and approval to cross Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) corridors as well as Harris County Flood Control coordination for the Goose Creek waterway crossing and the San Jacinto River Authority (SJRA) for crossing at the SJRA Canal.

 The major phases of this contract and costs are outlined below:
•    Design engineering, survey and geotechnical and subsurface utility investigation and utility coordination services in the amount of $1,547,500.00
•    Bid phase services in the amount of $38,900.00
•    Construction administration services in the amount of $242,900.00
•    Right of Way acquisition services in the amount of $521,200.00

The proposed ordinance authorizes an agreement for Professional Services Agreement in a total contract amount not to exceed amount $2,350,500.00.  The schedule to complete the work for this design effort is fourteen (14) months.

Fiscal Impact
Fiscal Year: 2021
Acct Code: 52903-85012-LS2001-85012
Source of Funds (Operating/Capital/Bonds): Capital
Funds Budgeted Y/N: Y
Amount Needed: $2,350,500.00
Fiscal Impact (Additional Information):
Ordinance - Professional Services Agreement
Exhibit A
Indebtedness Certification

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