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Meeting Date: 08/12/2021  
Subject:    Consider a petition for voluntary annexation of approximately 95.38 acres
Prepared for: Martin Scribner
Prepared by: Trevor Harlow, Planning and Development Services
Department: Planning and Development Services  

Consider a resolution granting the petition for the proposed annexation of approximately 95.38 acres of land in Harris County, Texas, including 86.27 acres of privately-owned land along with approximately 9.11 acres being the entire width of Garth Road right-of-way extending north approximately 4,441 feet from the intersection of East Wallisville Road and Garth Road to the northern end of the subject property.
This resolution is the first step in granting the petition for the proposed annexation of approximately 95.38 acres. The subject property, legally described as Tract 1, Abstract 21, G. Ellis Survey, Baytown, Harris County, Texas, is located along Garth Road north of East Wallisville Road.

This resolution will direct the preparation of a service plan for the subject area and will allow staff to negotiate and draft a written agreement regarding services for the subject area per the requirement of the annexation law (Loc Gov't Code §43.0672).

The applicant is also in the process of requesting a rezoning of the property in order to develop since the property is automatically zoned OR when annexed into the City.  The annexation and rezoning processes will run concurrently and are expected to conclude in October of this year.  The applicant is proposing to rezone to mixed residential at low to medium densities (SF2) to allow for a proposed single-family residential lot subdivision containing 266 lots.

The applicant's petition and a vicinity map are attached for your review.

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Resolution - Granting Petition
Exhibit A - Annexation Petition
Vicinity Map

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