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Meeting Date: 08/12/2021  
Subject:    Consider - Zoning Map Amendment from SF2 and NSC to GC
Prepared for: Martin Scribner
Prepared by: Nai Mongiello, Planning and Development Services
Department: Planning and Development Services  

Consider an ordinance concerning a proposed amendment to the official zoning map to rezone approximately 4.5 acres generally located north of Cedar Bayou Road and east and west of Fanestiel Road from a Mixed Residential at Low to Medium Densities (SF2) Zoning District and a Neighborhood Serving Commercial (NSC) Zoning District to a General Commercial (GC) Zoning District.

The proposed zone change is generally compatible with the FLUP map which recommends low-medium density residential and commercial corridor. The subject properties, legally described as Tracts 39A, 43A, 43B, 43A-1, 43B-1, 44A-1, 44B-1, 44A, 44B, 47C & 47G in the JW Singleton Survey, Abstract No. 709, Harris County, Texas, are within or adjacent to the State Highway 146 (SH 146) Corridor. The Baytown 2025 Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Plan (FLUP) encourages a transition in the SH 146 Corridor that “would provide an opportunity to mix a variety of land uses including commercial office and retail as well as medium to high-density residential.”

This area of the City was annexed in 1954 and the existing land use throughout this area is a mixture of residential and commercial. This area has been transitioning for years. If approved, the zone change would: further facilitate the transitioning between residential and highway-oriented commercial near and within the SH 146 Corridor; and allow for more development opportunities that are compatible and consistent with this area and with the goals and policies of the Comprehensive Plan.

Planning and Zoning Commission Findings
As a result of the public hearings held at their May and June meetings, the Planning and Zoning Commission made the following findings:

  • The Commission has determined that the proposed zoning is not consistent with the Future Land Use Plan. 
  • The Commission has determined that the proposed zoning is not compatible with the surrounding area, as the majority of the existing uses along Cedar Bayou Road are established and newer single-family residential uses. The Commission feels that the introduction of the potential for uses of higher intensity into this area would be detrimental to the existing residential neighborhood.
  • The Commission expressed concerns with increased traffic along Cedar Bayou Road, particularly truck traffic. The Commission has determined that this presents a potential safety issue concerning the possible traffic and the family nature of the existing single-family homes in this area.
  • The Commission has determined that the conditions in this area have not changed enough to warrant the proposed change in zoning.

The supporting documentation is attached for your review.

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Ordinance - Zoning Map Amendment
Exhibit A - Amended Zoning Map
P&Z Report to Council

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