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    5. d.    
Meeting Date: 07/22/2021  
Subject:    Authorizing the Creation of the Bay Creek Public Improvement District
Prepared for: Bret Gardella Prepared by: Karen Horner, Legal
Department: Development Manager  

Consider a resolution authorizing the creation of the Bay Creek Public Improvement District.
This proposed resolution authorizes the creation of the Bay Creek Public Improvement District, which includes approximately 69.5559 acres located south of FM 1492, east of N. Main Street, west of Hadden Road and north of E. Wallisville Road (the "District").   The City Council accepted a petition concerning the creation of the District on May 27, 2021, and held the requisite public hearing after providing notice as required by law.  Therefore, in order to finance the proposed improvements through special assessments, the next step is for the City Council to make certain findings and authorize the creation of the District.

The findings in this proposed resolution address the following:
  1. the advisability of the proposed improvements; 
  2. the nature of the proposed improvements;
  3. the estimated cost of the proposed improvements;
  4. the boundaries of the District;
  5. the method of assessment; and
  6. the apportionment of costs between the City and the District.
If Council adopts the proposed resolution, the next steps include:
  1. develop a five-year service plan and assessment plan;
  2. prepare a proposed assessment roll;
  3. mail and publish notice of a public hearing on the proposed assessment roll;
  4. hold a public hearing on the proposed assessment roll;
  5. adopt an ordinance levying the special assessments against the taxable properties within the District.
Resolution - Bay Creek PID Creation

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