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    4. a.    
Meeting Date: 07/22/2021  
Subject:    Receive the City Manager's Proposed Budget for FY 2021-22
Prepared for: Victor Brownlees Prepared by: Karen Horner, Legal
Department: Finance  


Receive the City Manager's proposed municipal budget and budget message for Fiscal Year 2021-22.

The City Charter provides in Article V, Section 41 that "the City Manager, at least sixty days prior to the beginning of each budget year, shall submit to the Council a proposed budget and an explanatory budget message in the form, and with the contents, provided by Sections 50 and 52."

The Council may accept or modify the proposed budget prior to adoption. Article V, Section 46 of the Charter requires the City Council to adopt an annual budget no later than September 27th of each year, or the City Manager's proposed budget shall be adopted as originally submitted to Council.

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