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Meeting Date: 07/22/2021  
Subject:    Authorize Change Order No. 1 for the 2018 Mill and Overlay Final Renewal Project
Prepared for: Kevin Harvill Prepared by: Linda Newsted, Public Works/Engineering/BAWA
Department: Public Works/Engineering/BAWA  

Consider an ordinance authorizing Change Order No.1 to the  Annual Mill & Overlay contract with Angel Brothers Enterprises, LTD.
This proposed ordinance authorizes Change Order No. 1 in an amount not to exceed $250,000 with Angel Brothers Enterprises, LTD., for the Annual Mill & Overlay contract.  Change Order No.1 will allow the City to issue additional mill & overlay work orders to the contractor for work necessary to repair and maintain the City's asphalt street infrastructure.  The scope of work includes rotomilling existing asphalt streets to remove failing road surfaces, performing base repairs to the subgrade below the asphalt surface as necessary, and overlaying the street with a new asphalt surface.

This action increases the original contract amount by 25%, which is the maximum amount authorized by law.  The contract was renewed for the second and final time, and will be re-bid in the upcoming weeks. With this change order, the total cost of this contract is $1,250,000.00.

Fiscal Impact
Fiscal Year:
Acct Code: 21102-73025-SMSRCREW-73025
Source of Funds (Operating/Capital/Bonds): Capital/Street Maint
Funds Budgeted Y/N: Y
Amount Needed: 250,000.00
Fiscal Impact (Additional Information):
Ordinance - Change Order No. 1
Exhibit A - Change Order 1
Indebtedness Certification

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