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Meeting Date: 07/20/2021  
Subject:    Consider - Heights of Baytown Section One Preliminary Plat
Prepared for: Martin Scribner
Prepared by: Helen Landaverde, Planning and Development Services

Consider approving Heights of Baytown Section One Preliminary Plat, being approximately 50.81 acres located south of Interstate Highway 10 between Needlepoint Road and Grand Parkway.  
The preliminary plat  of approximately 50.81 in the Chambers County School Land League Survey, A0321, Chambers County, Texas, and consisting of 159 lots, four (4) blocks, and ten (10) reserves for open space, recreation, landscape, detention, incidental utilities, and a lift station.

The preliminary plat is required to approve preliminary site design in order to submit engineering and civil plans for the purpose of installing infrastructure for the final lots.

The City has entered into an agreement with the developer concerning this development. 

This application has been reviewed by the Development Review Committee which found that the application meets the minimum requirements of the Code of Ordinances as well as the requirements called out in the development agreement. 

The supporting documentation is attached for your review.

Staff recommendation pending.
Vicinity Map
General Plan

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