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Meeting Date: 07/22/2021  
Subject:    Appointments: Board of Adjustment
Prepared for: Angela Jackson Prepared by: Alexis Bernal, City Clerk's Office
Department: City Clerk's Office  

Consider six (6) appointments to the Baytown Board of Adjustment. 
The Baytown Board of Adjustment is responsible for hearing and deciding appeals where it is alleged that there is an error in any order or decision by city officials in the administration and enforcement of the zoning ordinance. The board hears and decides appeals of any interpretation of the text of the zoning ordinance made by the Director of Planning and Community Development; hears and decides requests for variances from the terms of the zoning ordinance pursuant to the procedures and standards set for therein; and hears and decides other matters as authorized by the zoning ordinance.

The board consists of five (5) board members and  one (1) alternate board member, which are all appointed by Council. Terms for board members are for two (2) years.  

Currently, there are six (6) Board Members whose term is set to expire on July 27, 2021, and they are:
Board Member Position No. of Consecutive Terms Attendance
Jesse E. Cano Alternate Board Member 1 Attended 8 out of 8 Meetings
Dr. David Corder Board Member 6 Attended 5 out of 11 Meetings
Gilbert Santana Board Member 7 Attended 9 out of 11 Meetings
Kathie Smith Board Member 4 Attended 4 out of 11 Meetings
Mike Wilson Board Member  13 Attended 11 out of 11 Meetings
Barbara Wooster Board Member 6 Attended 10 out of 11 Meetings

Mr. Gilbert Santana, Mr. Mike Wilson, and Ms. Barbara Wooster, and Mr. Jesse Cano desire reappointment; however, Dr. David Corder and Ms. Kathie Smith are not seeking reappointment at this time, which leaves two (2) vacancies for Board Member positions.

We have received two (2) applications from interested citizens for the Board Member positions: 1) Ms. Becky Robins and 2) Ms. Dianna Poullard, which are attached for your review. Council may want to consider these two new applicants to replace Ms. Kathie Smith and Dr. David Corder. If appointed, all members would serve a two-year term beginning on July 28, 2021, and ending on July 27, 2023.

Attached for your review is the overview of the Baytown Board of Adjustment and a list of the current members.

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Board of Adjustment - Overview
Board of Adjustment - Current Board Members
Dianna L. Poullard - Application
Becky Robins - Application

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