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Meeting Date: 06/15/2021  
Subject:    Public Hearing - Telecommunication Special Use Permit
Prepared for: Martin Scribner
Prepared by: Helen Landaverde, Planning and Development Services

Conduct the second public hearing concerning a request for a Special Use Permit (SUP) to allow for a 130-foot tall monopole and an adjustment from the fall zone regulation(s) for approximately 10 acres generally located south of Decker Drive and east of Avenue J.

This application is a request to construct a 130-foot monopole cell tower on the northern border of the property, legally described as Tract 22 in the W Scott Survey, Abstract No. 66, Harris County, Texas. If approved, the “SUP will allow this tower to have additional carriers, requiring fewer towers in this coverage area.” The subject property is in the GC zoning district and monopole towers less than 85-feet are permitted by right. Monopole towers over 85-feet are permitted with a special use permit.

Concerning the "fall zone", with appropriate engineering design the local code reference will not be of concern. Current standards require a collapse scenario as opposed to a linear fall measurement. The reference to “Fall Zone” does not reflect contemporary design requirements and Federal Standards. The applicant has indicated compliance with Section 21-111 Telecommunication tower standards.

It is not anticipated that the normal and orderly development and improvement of surrounding property will be impeded. There is ample distance between the proposed monopole and residential and commercial/industrial uses. The closest dwellings are approximately 498 feet south west and approximately 958 feet south of the subject property. The commercial/industrial use to the east is approximately 297 feet away and the lanes for southbound Decker Road are 145 feet to the north.

The request is consistent with Baytown 2025 Comprehensive Plan (Growth Capacity, Land Use, Economic Opportunity , and Quality of Life) and the ULDC.

The supporting documentation is attached for your review.

This is a public hearing item.


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