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    3. c.    
Meeting Date: 07/21/2020  
Subject:    Public Hearing - Zoning Map Amendment from SF2 to GC
Prepared for: Tiffany Foster
Prepared by: Helen Landaverde, Planning and Development Services

Conduct the first public hearing concerning a request to amend the official zoning map to rezone 9.12 acres, addressed as 2014 and 2024 Lee Drive, and legally described as Tracts 15, 15A, 18A, 38, and 38A Abstract 840 H Whiting and Tract 18 Abstract 840 H Whiting, Harris County, Texas, from Mixed residential at low to medium densities (SF2) to General commercial (GC) zoning district.
The applicants are requesting to rezone the subject property along an existing minor arterial street (Lee Drive) from SF2 to GC to allow for commercial use(s). The property is vacant and undeveloped. This request expands the commercial designation and logical development opportunities in the SH 99 corridor.  

The Baytown 2025 Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Plan (FLUP) bisects the subject properties and designates Low-medium density residential to the north and Commercial corridor to the south.  However, the requested zoning district and proposed uses are generally consistent with the current FLUP.  This proposal also promotes the following goals, actions and policies of the Comprehensive Plan: Growth Capacity Policies, Land Use Goals, Economic Opportunity and Policies.

The supporting documentation is attached for your review.
This is the public hearing item.
Application and Supporting Documents
Vicinity Map
Notification Map
Staff Report

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