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Meeting Date: 07/21/2020  
Subject:    Consider - Ashbel Crossing Section Three Final Plat
Prepared for: Tiffany Foster
Prepared by: Yvonne Briscoe, Planning and Development Services

Consider approving Ashbel Crossing Section Three Final Plat, being approximately 10.53 acres located on the west side of Garth Road, approximately 2,300 feet north of the intersection of Garth Road and Wallisville Road, and legally described as being a portion of Tract 2J, Abstract 620 Talcott Patching Survey, Harris County, Texas.
This final plat is proposing to create a 10.53-acre subdivision containing four (4) blocks, forty seven (47) lots, and three (3) reserves.

With the construction of water and waste water utilities and at least 50% of the above-ground infrastructure completed, the applicant has elected to provide a surety bond for the remaining infrastructure in lieu of completing all improvements prior to filing the final plat in accordance with Section 126-189(c)(1)a. of the City of Baytown Code of Ordinances. The surety bond has been reviewed by the City’s Engineering and Legal Departments and has been approved. 

This application has been reviewed by the Development Review Committee, which found that the application meets the minimum requirements of the Code of Ordinances.

The supporting documentation is attached for your review.
Staff recommends approval.
Application and Supporting Documents
Vicinity Map
Bond Acceptance Letter

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