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Meeting Date: 06/16/2020  
Subject:    Consider a recommendation regarding the 2020-2024 Consolidated Plan and the 2020 Proposed Action Plan and Projected Use of Funds.
Prepared for: Tiffany Foster
Prepared by: Sharon Rose, Planning and Development Services

Consider a recommendation to City Council to consider the 2020-2024 Citizen Participation Plan, 2020-2024 Consolidated Plan and the 2020 Proposed Action Plan and Projected Use of Funds.     
Citizen Participation Plan 
HUD requires entitlement jurisdictions to adopt a Citizen Participation Plan (CPP) and the City of Baytown desires citizen participation in the CDBG Program. Citizen participation is necessary in order for the needs of the citizens of Baytown to be determined, and the priorities that address those needs be set. The input of the citizens are incorporated in the development of each annual application to HUD.

2020-2024 Consolidated Plan & Action Plan
The 5-Year Consolidated Plan and the 2020 Proposed Action Plan and the Projected Use of Funds (B-20-MC-48-0033) addresses local priorities given to Housing and Urban Development (HUD) eligible activities. Furthermore it addresses how the City plans to spend CDBG funding for the upcoming year.

The City of Baytown has encouraged robust public participation in the consolidated planning process, especially by low and moderate income people. In order to gain the public participation, MKP Consulting, agreed to have a dialog with public and private agencies that provide subsidized housing, health care, and social services in and around Baytown. In an effort to gain input, a community-wide survey regarding housing and community development needs was also developed and disseminated throughout Baytown; 172 completed surveys were submitted to MKP Consulting. After consulting with stakeholders and reviewing the survey results, a list of housing and community development priorities was developed by MKP Consulting.

A draft of the Citizen Participation Plan Overview, and 2020-2024 Consolidated Plan, 2020 Projected Use of Funds are attached to the previous agenda item.
Staff recommends approval.

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