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Meeting Date: 06/11/2020  
Subject:    Confirming the Baytown Community Engagement Advisory Committee
Prepared for: Rick Davis Prepared by: Karen Horner, Legal
Department: Legal  

Consider a resolution confirming the Baytown Community Engagement Advisory Committee as a committee of the City and establishing its composition, purpose, and duties.
In the summer of 2019, Mayor Capetillo established the Mayor's Community Engagement Advisory Committee (the "Committee") to foster a healthy relationship between the community and the Police Department.  Over the past year, the Committee has met many times and has developed subcommittees to review the following:
  1. media/communications,
  2. community outreach/education,
  3. policy and procedures, and 
  4. officer training.
In August of 2019,  Mayor Capetillo and Pastor Montgomery presented an overview of the committee and its undertakings to date.  With the experience and education base gained throughout its service to the community, the Committee will continue to be instrumental in proposing positive change by engaging the community in a more official capacity by action of the City Council.  The Committee can be tasked to convey the input received from the community at its public forums and to propose recommendations to build a community of trust, respect, and understanding. 

The Committee currently consists of up to 25 members (17 are actively serving), composed of a cross-section of the community.  Council may appoint additional members to the Committee.   Additionally, two police liaison officers may be assigned by the City Manager to serve in an ex officio capacity with no voting rights.  All meetings of the Committee will be subject to the Texas Open Meetings Act.

As proposed, the role of the Committee is to enhance and encourage communication between the residents and the City and to provide comments, suggestions, and recommendations to the City Council on police outreach, community policing, officer training and policies and procedures to insure best practices are in place and operational.  The Committee shall hold public forums to receive input from diverse community groups to enhance understanding through communication and education, to improve and maintain the public trust of the Police Department, and to further the purposes of the Committee.  
Staff recommends approval.
Resolution - Community Engagement Advisory Committee

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