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Meeting Date: 06/25/2020  
Subject:    Authorization of Alarm Program Administration & Collection Services Agreement
Prepared for: Keith Dougherty Prepared by: Leticia Brysch, City Clerk's Office
Department: Police  

Consider an ordinance authorizing an Alarm Program Administration and Collection Services Agreement with PM AM Corporation for the administration of the City of Baytown's Alarm System Permit and related collection services.
This proposed ordinance authorizes an Alarm Program Administration and Collection Services Agreement with PM AM Corporation (the "Company") for the administration of the City of Baytown's (the "City") Alarm System Permit and related collection services (the "process").

On September 12, 2019, the staff presented the City Council an overview of the City's burglar/fire alarm permit and false alarm process and made a recommendation to move to a third-party contractor as the data from 2010 to the present showed the to be ineffective, not just for the City’s first responders, but for the actual costumers; whether they are business owners or residents.  At this meeting, the Council asked staff to move forward with the recommendation and begin the request for proposals process.

The City advertised the Request for Proposals #RFP20-0406 for the City's Alarm Systems Permit and Related Collection Services on May 7th and 14th, 2020.  The responding proposals were two (2) in number and were on May 22, 2020 at 2:30 P.M. utilizing Zoom Meetings.  The City staff compromised of Police, Fire, City Clerk, and Purchasing representatives have reviewed the proposals and found that PM AM Corporation met the needs and desires of the organization with a positive and proven track record since 2004 with over 28 cities in Texas, to include the cities of Houston, Dallas, Clute, Irving, Huntsville, Richardson and Midland. 

The company will provide the City with an enhanced customer service experience and options for the permitee via its customer support options to include by mail, online, and mobile application, which are in addition to in-person contact that will continue to be provided at the staff level.  The company will also provide an extensive public outreach and education program to help customers with the permitting process, as well as, information on how to reduce false alarms.  The company's system integrates into the City's CAD system used by the Communications Division and GIS.  It will also provide reports to the City's Finance and Police Departments on a monthly basis, along with any other reports requested as needed.

The complete scope of work is attached to this item for your review, along with the pricing structure, which is a percentage of the permit and false alarm fees.

The staff recommends the approval of this agreement, as the company has proven track record of providing high-quality customer service to Texas cities and its citizens, and those cities that are serviced by this company have shown an increase in compliance to the alarm permit requirements and a reduction in false alarm fees, which ultimately results cost savings for the City and better use of its first responder resources.
Staff recommends approval.

Fiscal Impact
Fiscal Year:
Acct Code:
Source of Funds (Operating/Capital/Bonds):
Funds Budgeted Y/N:
Amount Needed:
Fiscal Impact (Additional Information):
There is no direct fiscal impact to the City for this item as the company will take a portion of the fees collected as noted in the fee schedule. The City's portion of said fees will be deposited into the City's General Fund.
Ordinance - Alarm Contract
Scope of Work
Fee Structure

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