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Meeting Date: 06/11/2020  
Subject:    Consider Approving Amendments to the 2019-2020 Annual Action Plan
Prepared for: Tiffany Foster
Prepared by: Christopher Chavis, Planning and Development Services
Department: Planning and Development Services  

Consider a resolution amending the the 2019-2020 Annual Action Plan.
The 2019-2020 Annual Action Plan (AP) sets forth specific activities and expenditures using funds received through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). The Annual Action Plan is being amended to reflect the emergency allocation of funds received through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) stimulus funding to address coronavirus (COVID-19) relief needs.

The impact of the virus has resulted in a public health crisis and an economic crisis. Staff has been in direct communication with local service agencies and providers such as, Hearts and Hands of Baytown, Love Network, Baytown Resource and Assistance Center, and Baytown Meals on Wheels. These community partners have helped to identify the types of services that need additional funding. The City of Baytown is allotted $401,242 to prepare, prevent, and respond to coronavirus. These funds are also known as CDBG-CV grant funds. The Community Development Advisory Committee is proposing to use the funds as follows:
CDBG–CV Allocation
FY-19-20 CDBG-CV $401,242
Administration (10%) $40,125
Public Service Grants  
 Food Assistance $75,000
 Emergency Housing Assistance $125,000
 Essential Childcare Assistance $111,117
 Building Rehabilitation $50,000
Total CDBG Allocations $401,242

The substantial amendment to the Annual Action Plan inserts and reflects the proposed use of the CDBG-CV grant funds. The public comment period concerning the use of the funds extends from June 6, 2020, to June 12, 2020. The amended Annual Action Plan is attached for your consideration. 
The Community Development Advisory Committee recommends approval.

Fiscal Impact
Fiscal Year: 2019-2020
Acct Code: 270
Source of Funds (Operating/Capital/Bonds): CDBG-CV
Funds Budgeted Y/N: Y
Amount Needed:
Fiscal Impact (Additional Information):
There is no fiscal impact associated with this item.
Resolution - Amended 2019-2020 Action Plan
Exhibit A - Amended 2019-2020 Action Plan

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