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    6. c.    
Meeting Date: 06/11/2020  
Subject:    Consider Approving Amendments to the 2015-2019 Consolidated Plan
Prepared for: Tiffany Foster
Prepared by: Christopher Chavis, Planning and Development Services
Department: Planning and Development Services  

Consider a resolution amending the 2015-2019 Consolidated Plan, which was adopted via Resolution No. 2370 on July 23, 2015.
As a CDBG Entitlement Community, the City of Baytown is required to prepare a 5-Year Consolidated Plan. In part, the Consolidated Plan identifies Baytown's housing and community development needs, sets priorities, and describes how HUD resources will be used for activities designed to meet the stated needs. These amendments will add Priority Needs to the Consolidated Plan, and allow the City of Baytown to respond to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) public health crisis. 

The amended 2015-2019 Consolidated Plan is attached.  
The Community Development Advisory Committee (CDAC) recommends approval.

Fiscal Impact
Fiscal Year: 2015-2019
Acct Code: 270
Source of Funds (Operating/Capital/Bonds): CDBG-CV
Funds Budgeted Y/N: Y
Amount Needed:
Fiscal Impact (Additional Information):
There is no fiscal impact associated with this item.
Resolution - CDBG-CV
Exhibit A - CDBG-CV

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