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Meeting Date: 06/11/2020  
Subject:    Appointments: Industrial Appraisal Review Board.
Prepared for: Leticia Brysch Prepared by: Raquel Martinez, City Clerk's Office
Department: City Clerk's Office  

Consider three (3) appointments to the Baytown Industrial Appraisal Review Board. 
The Baytown Industrial Appraisal Review Board consists of three (3) individuals knowledgeable in the area of land values. The board is responsible for hearing appeals from industry on valuations. Members to the board must be appointed annually. 

Board member terms are for one (1) year. Currently, three (3) board members' appointments are set to expire on June 30, 2020.
Those members include:  
  • Mr. Ron Haddox, Chairman,
  • Mr. Chet Theiss, Vice Chair, and
  • Ms. Donna Winfrey, Board Member.
All members have requested reappointment.  If reappointed, their terms would expire on June 30, 2021.

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