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    4. c.    
Meeting Date: 05/19/2020  
Subject:    Second Public Hearing - Zoning Map Amendment from OR to LI
Prepared for: Tiffany Foster
Prepared by: Emilio Levario, Planning and Development Services

Conduct the second public hearing concerning a request to amend the official zoning map to rezone approximately 3.01 acres addressed as 6610 Thompson Road, and legally described as land situated in the William Hilbus Survey, Abstract No. 336 and being out of and a part of lot 21 of the Elena Fruit and Cotton Farms, Unit “D”, Harris County, Texas, from an Open Space/Recreation ("OR") zoning district to a Light Industrial ("LI") zoning district.

The applicant is proposing to develop approximately six (6) acres situated along Thompson Road for a commercial lift company, of which approximately 3.01 acres of the property to be developed lies outside of the incorporated limits of Baytown. The applicant is requesting to voluntarily annex this remaining parcel into the city limits. Doing so would necessitate a rezoning of the property in order to develop since the property is automatically zoned OR when annexed into the City. The annexation and rezoning processes will run concurrently and will conclude in June of this year.  The applicant is proposing to rezone to LI to match the existing zoning and uses of the surrounding area.

The requested zoning district and proposed use aligns with the FLUP allowing for industrial zoning along this corridor.

The supporting documentation is attached for your review.

This is the second public hearing.
Applicant Statement
Vicinity Map
Zoning Map
Staff Report

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