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Meeting Date: 05/19/2020  
Subject:    Consider - Text Amendments for Residential Accessory Use
Prepared for: Tiffany Foster
Prepared by: Francesca Linder, Planning and Development Services


Consider making a recommendation and preparing a report concerning proposed amendments to the Unified Land Development Code of the Code of Ordinances, Baytown, Texas to: (i) add a non-residential accessory use for residential accessory structures; (ii) amend zoning districts and conditions for residential accessory uses; and (iii) amend and remove conditions related to residential accessory uses.

In the past, the City of Baytown has unilateral annexed property to manage its growth, provide efficient service delivery, and sustain a high quality of life for its citizens and visitors. During these annexations, some developed properties were annexed and per City Ordinance automatically zoned Open space and recreation (OR). This amendment will provide flexibility for properties that had existing homes by allowing suitable accessory residential structures be developed. This amendment also restructures the size restrictions for accessory residential structures to accommodate large residential lots.

The proposed text amendments include:
  1. Adding residential accessory structures to Table 2-3 "Non-residential accessory use table";
  2. Amending zoning district and conditions for residential accessory uses:
    • Removing the condition requiring a planned unit development for accessory structures in an OR zoning district;
    • Conditionally allowing barns and stables in SF1 and SF2 zoning districts; and
    • Clarifying and insuring consistent language.
  3. Modifying section 2.10 "Land use conditions" by:
    • Amending B2 "Residential accessory structures" to allow new residential accessory structures for nonconforming residential properties with the following restrictions:
      • Primary use of the property must be nonconforming residential;
      • Only residential uses allowed in SF2 may be developed;
      • No accessory dwelling units are permitted; and
      • New developments must meet the zoning district property development standards.
    • Amending B23 "Onsite Animal" to provide conditions allowing stables and barns in SF1 and SF2 zoning districts.
    • Amending B3 "Agriculture," B5 "Community building," B8 "Family home day care," and B16 "Stable" to clarify zoning districts and ensure consistent language.
The Planing and Zoning Commission recommendation is attached for your review but the application and supplemental documents are attached to the previous agenda item.
Consideration item.
Planning and Zoning Recommendation to City Council
Draft Ordinance

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