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    7. c.    
Meeting Date: 05/14/2020  
Subject:    Contract with Carollo Engineering for Water and Sewer Rate Study for the City of Baytown
Prepared for: Frank Simoneaux
Prepared by: Sterling Beaver, Public Works/Engineering/BAWA
Department: Public Works/Engineering/BAWA  

Consider an ordinance authorizing an agreement for Professional Services with Carollo Engineers Inc., for a Water and Wastewater Rate Study for the City of Baytown. 
This proposed ordinance authorizes the City Manager to execute a contract in the amount not to exceed $71,101.00 with Carollo Engineers Inc., for a water and sewer rate study for the City of Baytown.

The City of Baytown water and wastewater rates were previously updated in 2009 by Burton and Associates.  Since that time, the City’s utility infrastructure has experienced increasing operation and maintenance costs due to increased cost of raw water, age and development-related growth. The City's rate structure should be reviewed periodically to ensure it is able to maintain a superior water system and plan for future growth.  An updated rate study will help clarify the primary cost drivers of operating, maintenance and capital costs, and provide for a recommended structure for distribution of those costs.
The project deliverables will include revenue requirements, cost of service analysis, comparison of existing and proposed rates and a presentation to Council.
Staff recommends approval.

Fiscal Impact
Fiscal Year: FY19-20
Acct Code: 10350-74021
Source of Funds (Operating/Capital/Bonds): Operating
Funds Budgeted Y/N: Y
Amount Needed: 71,101.00
Fiscal Impact (Additional Information):
Ordinance - PSA for Water and Sewer Rate Study
Exhibit A - Water and Sewer Rate Study

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