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Meeting Date: 05/14/2020  
Subject:    Public Hearing - Zoning Map Amendment from OR to LI
Prepared for: Tiffany Foster
Prepared by: Yvonne Briscoe, Planning and Development Services
Department: Planning and Development Services  

Conduct a public hearing concerning a request to amend the City of Baytown official zoning map to rezone approximately 42.06 acres of a 58.7 acre tract, located on the southwest corner of Interstate Highway 10 and Sjolander Road, legally described as Tract 1K Abstract 954 A Smith, Harris County, Texas, from an Open space/recreation (OR) zoning district to a Light industrial (LI) zoning district.

In November 2013, approximately 16.64 acres of the 58.7 acre tract was rezoned from Open space/recreation (OR) to Light industrial (LI). The applicant is proposing to rezone the remainder land to LI in order to construct a business park with a dozen, freestanding buildings ranging in size from 15,000 square feet to 40,000 square feet.

The Future Land Use Plan (FLUP) was amended in August 2019 from Commercial Corridor to Business Park in this area to allow more intense uses and light industrial zoning.  However, during the public hearing process with the Planning and Zoning Commission, many nearby residents voiced concerns about the proposed development. Their concerns related to exacerbating existing traffic issues and the gateway to Baytown giving the impression that Baytown is nothing but industrial.  Ideas to mitigate those concerns were also discussed, including but not limited to, providing larger and denser buffers along the ROW's, limiting access and truck movement along Sjolander and requiring some commercial development along 1-10.  The Planning and Zoning Commission agreed and voted not to recommend the rezoning amendment to LI.

Since that time, the applicant has been making modifications to the development plan to address the concerns.  In summary, the following major changes have been made:

  1. A Green Belt Reserve has been created that will be situated along the western side of Sjolander.  It will contain the detention and landscaping providing a 400 foot buffer between the buildings and Sjolander.
  2. The connection of a new road to Sjolander has been restricted to an emergency vehicle access gate only.  There will be no through traffic onto Sjolander.  All traffic must enter/exit onto the feeder of I-10.
  3. There will be a dedication of 20 feet of land along Sjolander to facilitate a future improvement of the road.
  4. The buildings will be constructed to meet or exceed the masonry and architectural requirements in the ULDC even though the State preempted cities from enforcing such regulations.
  5. Certain uses normally allowed in the LI zoning district will be prohibited.  Some of those prohibited uses include: manufactured home or RV park, labor camp, junk yard, stock yard, auto body shop except as part of an auto dealership, medical waste storage or disposal, towing yard, truck stop, truck terminal, recycling center, self-storage facility, and RV storage.

To ensure the development is ultimately built as the applicant has proposed, Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CCRs) are in the process of being drafted.  The CCRs include restrictions on signage, setbacks, landscaping, prohibited uses, exterior finishes, outdoor storage, and lighting. 

The supporting documentation and the updated site plan, along with renderings, are attached for your review.


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Application and Supporting Documentation
Vicinity Map
Zoning Map
Staff Report
Updated Site Plan

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