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Meeting Date: 05/19/2020  
Subject:    Consider - USA Industrial Park Final Replat
Prepared for: Tiffany Foster
Prepared by: Harold Cheek, Planning and Development Services

Consider approving USA Industrial Park Final Replat being approximately 83.04 acres located on the south side of Interstate Highway 10 approximately 5,280 feet (or 1 mile) east of the intersection of Interstate Highway 10 and State Highway 146 North, a replat of USA Industrial Park Final Plat recorded in 2013 showing additional lots and ROW; all legally described as part of and out of Chambers County School Land Survey 3, Abstract 321, Chambers County, Texas
This plat is proposing to create thirty lots, one (1) block, and one (1) reserve. The property was platted in 2013 as Youngquist Addition and the northern portions developed with industrial uses. The southern portions of the property were held in reserve for future development.  This proposed plat shows additional infrastructure completed and new lots being formed in the southern reserve portions of the property.
 A preliminary plat was approved in July, 2018. That plat proposed a through street connecting to Old Needlepoint Road. That through street, connecting to Needlepoint, was removed from the project and replaced with a cul-de-sac.  This cul-de-sac exceeds the maximum distance allowed in the subdivision ordinance of 800 feet as shown in Sec. 126-511.  Unity Drive is approximately 1375 feet which exceeds allowance in the ordinance of a cul-de-sac by approximately 575 feet. Chambers County personnel apparently indicated to the design engineer that the additional length of a cul-de-sac was preferable to  a connection to Old Needlepoint Road.  

The subdivision ordinance does have a provision in "Sec. 126-251 - Requirements for developments falling outside existing categories” that provides the Commission with opportunities to adjust requirements, such as street construction, in developments that are proposed which do not fit existing categories. The Commission could approve the final platting of the proposed USA Industrial Park Final Replat with the additional length of the cul-de-sac if it determines: (1) the proposed use is appropriate and reasonable for the area; (2) approval will not be detrimental to the public health, safety, and welfare; (3) the effect of the development will not prevent orderly subdivision of other land in the vicinity; and (4) the development will not cause the city to be required to provide city services at a level above that required in other subdivisions.

Chambers County did approve the drainage and construction plans prior to installing the infrastructure and the project Design Engineer certified the construction was in conformance with the plans. Both the County and the City did not inspect the infrastructure during the construction phases of the project.

Supporting documentation is attached for your review. Additional information from the applicant is expected to be presented at the meeting.
Application and Supporting Documentation
Plat - Final Version
Vicinity Map

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